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Apr 15 2011 19:38 by AssignmentA

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Just joined launch forum after seeing it on a webmaster forum. We were discussing what we thought of it. I love it so far from this forums and hope it do very well!
Apr 15 2011 20:10 by Mike

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Just when we were thinking most forums are all alike, along comes Viral Age and shows us how wrong we were. ;)
AssignmentA Apr 15 2011 20:11
Yes this looks awesome. It's a bad time to be new though because of Xenforo but this looks better to be honest. More clean
Apr 15 2011 20:50 by Joe Ward

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Hey AssignmentA - thank you very much for your support and encouragement! We're really glad you like what you see so far... we definitely have more cool new forum stuff to come. =)

We actually think it's a great time to be new. The fast growth of xenForo, combine with us both coming out around the same time, both operating in stealth mode, and neither of our teams 100% certain of each other's existence (we think) goes to show that an era of team's searching for new ways to innovate the forum world is beginning! And there may be more to follow. On top of that, we know the big guns like vBulletin and IPB are watching close and also planning stuff for their next generation. This is fun! =)

Although we have some exciting new ways of doing things, we're still building a forum in the sense that we've known them for 10 years. And we still stick to the old adage: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We may just have a little bit different definition of what's broken in the forum world right now. =)
AssignmentA Apr 15 2011 20:52
agreed :)
Joe Ward Apr 15 2011 21:02
Digging the new avatar! =)
Apr 15 2011 21:05 by AssignmentA

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Thanks :) My old online name was WarStopper. I need to make a new one for AssignementA one yet ;)


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